The builders set

builders set of building materials harare

Uniquely in the construction industry when building, everyone has their own materials for their own use. Firstly Carpenters have their type of materials like timber, nails, bolts and nuts, roofing materials etc. Secondly steel fixers have their own identically reinforcement steel and tying wires. Third, builders also have bricks, sands, stones, cement and so forth. Electricians and plumbers also have their specific type of materials they use.

Today we focus on the list of materials required by builders for use on constructing any structure.

builders set of building materials harare

This is the complete builders combo from Zimbabwe building materials Suppliers

Solid common bricks $100 per 1000
Semi common bricks $50 per 1000
Hill gravel $15 per cubic delivered
Building Pitsand $13 per cubic delivered
Riversand $17 per cubic delivered
3/4 stones $20 per cubic
Quarry dust $15 per cubic

Polythene plastic 100 micron $1 per meter (free delivery)
Polythene plastic 60 micron $0.50 per meter (free delivery)
DPC (230) & (115) $5 per roll (free delivery)
Termite poison $1 per litre (free delivery)
Brickforce (230) & (115) $3 per roll (free delivery)

load bearing bricks Zimbabwe building materials suppliers

black polythene plastic for sale building supplies harare zimbabwe building materials suppliers

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