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get cheap building materials alternatives

Because we want to keep a clean environment in our beloved nation we make sure all materials are utilized. Furthermore on the other hand making cheap building materials accessible to the needy.While there are so many ways you can get cheap building materials anywhere in Zimbabwe we help with the best of all.

Use cheap alternatives

Semi commons for solid commons

In the event that want to build a temporary structure, durawall, cottage or high density house use semi common bricks instead of solid commons. Though in terms of strength and popularity solid commons are dominant its also wise to be price considerate. Semi commons are an great alternative to solid commons especially when you use them on double walls. They work the exact way you would expect from a solid common brick, and you can plaster them easily.

Ordinary Riversand for washed riversand

Washed riversand is great on looks and is ultimately clean from fine particles. However depending on the projects you are working on, you might not necessarily need it but ordinary riversand. Building standard houses, durawalls and other minor structures doesn’t require washed riversand unless if its in wet lands.

get cheap building materials alternatives

Rubble for Gravel

Instead of using gravel you can utilize the rubbles from demolished walls for back filling slabs. Though it doesn’t completely fill up all the spaces when back filling you may need to apply a lot of work to ram and level it up. In case you do not want to employ a lot of labor force for back filling, gravel will save you the hassle.

Riversand for quarry dust

In order to minimize costs when preparing driveways, washed riversand is the costs reducer here. Quarry dust is notably expensive than washed riversand even though they serve almost the same purposes.

Swap with others

Say in a moment you are left with a lot of pitsand and someone in the same vicinity with you has got riversand. Maybe you need to finish up on doing floors and your neighbor is on plastering you can actually swap the materials. Regardless of the cost variations between the two materials, some people are in considerate when it comes to building materials exchange. This will save you a lot of significant dollars and you can use them on something else. Additionally depending on your neighbor, some people might actually give it away for free. If you don’t want to get yourself into all this work we can do it under our excess building materials services.

In general all these steps listed above are applicable anywhere in Zimbabwe. From Harare, Mutare, Marondera, Rusape, Bindura, Masvingo, Kwekwe, Gweru, Chitungwiza, Bulawayo wherever you are.

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What other means of getting cheap building materials did we leave out?. You can comment below in the comments box.

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