bricks for sale in harare zimbabwe and their uses

Our bricks are locally made moreover we have the largest range of clay bricks for sale in Zimbabwe  available at any moment when needed. We offer professional bricks sales services and reaching out the whole of Harare, Ruwa, Chitungwiza and other major cities in Zimbabwe. Our products are useful on domestic, commercial and industrial construction applications.

Cheapest Bricks for durawalls

Semi commons are the bricks we recommend you to purchase when constructing durawalls as they are good as they look. They last longer on walls and they can be plastered and painted as per your niche. Semi common bricks cost almost half the price of solid commons however serving the same purpose.

bricks for sale in harare zimbabwe and their uses

Houses and domestic

Solid commons are the bricks of these years. Uniquely they are available seven days of the week making them easily accessible whenever needed. They are of great use when building houses and additionally chicken runs as well as durawalls and driveway pavings.

For commercial use

The best bricks for commercial use are solid common again. Most people tend to think solid commons are totally different from load bearings, however what differentiates them is strength and color. When working on commercial projects solid commons are the best furthermore for your own information, they are S.A.Z approved. Nevertheless load bearings are an hybrid of ordinary solid commons and they are of great use when working on multi storey structures, they have been tested for strength.

Bricks for driveways and paving

As clear as it seems solid commons keep featuring everywhere but in this case the most recommended bricks for driveways are interlocking pavers bricks. Interlocking pavers bricks are concrete products different from all other listed clay products. They are strong and made specifically for use on driveways and pavings. In conclusion solid commons still stand as an alternative if you want to minimize costs.

Most used bricks for designing

This is quite obvious, when setting a beautiful outlook for any building structure that doesn’t need any plastering face bricks are the most used bricks for designing. Although they are considerably expensive than common bricks, they are worth the price. In the event that  your project is almost complete, using face bricks for the front walls will give a natural beautiful look to your property.

After all what really determines what you are going to use each brick for is really your wallet. For instance semi commons are being widely used nation wide for building houses and other commercial structures. You get to decide what suites your budget then order. If you need any help on selecting the right bricks for your projects feel free to contact us on whatsapp or email.

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