Transportation Costs

Our bricks transportation costs vary from city to city depending on distance and quantity. All our prices are negotiable depending on quantities you order. Our rates are not fixed as we change our transportation prices from time to time depending on seasons and market rates.

Clients have choices to make when ordering bricks, whether to order packed ones or loose. Loose are considerably cheaper to transport than packed. Nevertheless though bricks on pallets are expensive, people tend to choose them over loose ones. Quiet a few clients resort to loose as a way of cutting costs among other reasons best known to them and others listed below

Packed bricks vs Loose bricks

bricks for sale delivery with crane on pallets wrapped and packed

Packed/Palleted/Wrapped Bricks

  1. They take less time to load and offload
  2. Machine loaded hence no risk of breakages
  3. Quantities are delivered in full (each pallet has 5000 bricks)
  4. Costly in terms of both labor and truck hiring rates
  5. Very efficient and time punctual
  6. Can easily be packed and no risk of falling on passerby’s or playing children

Loose Bricks

  1. They take long to load
  2. Manual loading hence there is a risk of breakages
  3. Quantities may not be in full due to breakages from loading and offloading processes
  4. Less costly in terms of labor and truck hiring rates
  5. Not efficient as at times laborers need to rest during the loading or offloading process.
  6. Time may not be as promised, deliveries may need about 2 more hours as compared to pallet transport
  7. There is a great risk of the bricks falling on passerby’s and children if they are not carefully packed
  8. The bricks stack may get hit by truck trailers when driving off after offloading

Average Costs of bricks transportation

5 001 to 10 000 on pallets transportation  cost $380

1 000 to  5 000 on pallets transportation cost $240

5 001 to 10 000 loose bricks transportation $280

1 000 to 5 000 loose bricks transportation $180

All prices are labor inclusive

If your order is above 20 000 we may consider negotiating on transportation prices.