For over a century, people have been using various materials in addition to clay, concrete and cement bricks to build and renovate structures world wide. They are dominantly the most popular good quality construction materials in the Zimbabwe construction industry. Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers has the most extensive range new bricks for sale in our online store from the leading manufactures. We sell and supply the exact and suitable products needed for every specific building project right when you need them.

We offer various types suitable for different types of walls, including houses, durawalls, garden, landscaping and pavements. On top of all before you buy we also help you select the best from the cheapest to the costly for your new home or old shelter renovations  or pavers for driveways guided by your budget. Also our bricks come wrapped on pallets of 500 per pack and depending on how near to Harare you are, you get your delivery on the same day in no time. With our online building supply services you can order the brick you want and receive your order without sweat. We also offer great discounts for large quantities especially when you order everything including mortar materials.

What are they?

These are generally units composed of different mixtures including clay and water mixed and dried by burning in ovens. Sand and cement mixed with water then dried in the sun or dried concrete.


Their major uses are:

  • erecting house walls
  • driveway paving
  • landscaping
  • flower bed works
  • security walls construction
  • building any structures
  • durawalls

Their uses are innumerable especially in the construction related fields.


They help adjust temperatures

Last for centuries

Fairly priced

They can sustain fire and excessive heat

Do not rust as compared to steel

No rotting like timber when exposed to water


The most common types in our nation are

They are among the cheapest materials on offer from ZBMS as their trade prices are extremely low, but for those buying far from Harare transportation costs may be high. Our standard solid commons are clay products and are suitable for foundations of any type of structure. They are certified for use anywhere in Zim, however they do not have smooth finishing hence require plastering. These at times also come packaged and wrapped on pallets of 500 per stack. Deliveries are by trucks with cranes for offloading, no manual labor required.

  • cement commons

Cement bricks have their department of best performance, wet lands. These are from mixtures of riversand and cement mixed and sun dried. Our cement commons are suitable for use on any type of construction works. Their strength is great due to the main factor that they are machine pressed. They are slightly costly as compared to solid commons. When building in wet lands they are a great option for use on foundation walls below dpc. If there is need you can also use them for stages above dpc level. Cement commons are the best for foundations in wet lands as water does not affect them rather strengthens them.

Purpose made load bearing brick, great durability, with strength of premium quality. These are the best when working on big structures. We recommend them for use on all double storey structures and other multiple storey buildings. Load bearings have a unique look in appearance. Their major distinguishable mark is dark spots from burning in the kilns or ovens. However depending on manufacturer not all of them may carry these marks, but when hit together they may produce a ringing sound. We retail them at the lowest rates nationwide

Heavy weight blocks for walls construction purposes. They dominated the 90’s and beyond before smaller ones were introduced. Cement blocks are also available for sale from us with same day deliveries offered for all confirmed payments. They are from cement mixed with riversand sometimes washed riversand. They also go through machine pressing stage and then dry up in the sun before stocking for supplies. Because of their size, you don’t need a lot of them as they cover larger portions when building.

Genuinely hand made with no any machinery use in the production. Semi commons are from raw natural clay, unprocessed and free from sand. This is the cheapest brick from our shop and available for deliveries on same day basis. Even though all our other bricks types come packed, semi commons come loose. They are for use on construction of durawalls, though many of our customers and clients purchase them for building houses.

Interlocking concrete pavers make what the driveways are today. A product of machine pressed riversand/quarry dust mixture with cement and sun dried. We sell high quality interlocking paving bricks at the best rates nationwide, as with every other of our building materials. Commonly in use on driveways and landscaping jobs. Place your order now and collect same day.

Clay pavers also come in as a great alternative for interlocking ones. If you choose clay pavers you get the advantage of not having to maintain them over time as they keep their original red brick color.

We have two major types of face bricks, wire cut and rustic. They come with different face colors suitable for all projects and can match various paints. Red rustic are among the most popular in the construction industry due to their prices and availability. Moreover their ease of maintenance, stubbornness to dirt and severe environmental effects makes them a great choice for selection. Whatever building structure you are constructing these are there only to give your home a beautiful exterior.

  • farms

Farm bricks are those we are familiar with from the old huts at our rural homes. These were in style during their reign however with improvement of standards people lost taste and interest in them. Farms are strong but not to the extends that they may be for use on modern day homes and any other building structures.

Use of bricks is also done according to what is indicated on your plan drawings.

These are an essential construction material. Though considered expensive but in the long run they tend to be cheap because they do not require maintenance as compared to other materials.

Why you should use a brick

Unlike other building materials, this is a product of natural materials.

Given that it is durable and proven for centuries to be an everlasting product, you can trust in it.

Lest there be fire outside, it is resistant with fire protection.

In case of winds, it offers high wind protection.

Brick looks better, for far longer and with less maintenance, than other building materials!

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