load bearing bricks for sale


Building multi storey structures requires high quality bricks. Load bearing bricks are the best bricks for building structures intended for that purpose.


These bricks can completely support the entire structure load including slabs. However on some structures engineers prefer adding reinforcement steel columns to help sustain the structure load. Load bearing bricks are well hardened and stable to withstand external forces such as wind and earthquake. As compared to other light modern materials, they stand dominant.

Load bearing Usability

Load bearings are useful in almost anything masonry related. When building in swampy and wet locations they can be very useful and risk free. Rather than using other cheap materials where the cost differences are not much different, load bearing bricks are fairly costly and you don’t necessarily need to compromise on quality

Using them on durawalls and driveway would be ideal as they don’t break easily.


Vanishing and polishing methods of brick maintenance work very well with load bearings

Maybe you do not need to vanish, plastering is another good option.

Combination materials

Brickwork – pitsand, cement, brickforce, dpc and water

Paving – quarry dust or washed riversand, black sheeting and cement

If you are not sure about the quantities you need on your structure, you can provide your house plan for a proper bill of quantities


Load bearings costs per 1000 bricks available from building materials prices page. Same deliveries are are available for delivery locations within Harare, Ruwa, Norton Chitungwiza and other close areas

Transportation is available on request and its charged separately.

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