semi common hard burn bricks for sale


Due to the use incapability of semi common bricks in semi wet places, we have a better option, semi common hard burn bricks. Hard burns are a great alternative for semi common bricks as they have endured more oven heating than semi commons.


Semi common bricks and semi common hard burn bricks are made exactly the same way. The major aspect that differentiates them is color due to heat exposure. Hard burns are usually darker because of being exposed to more heat at the heart of the pyramid oven.

In the course of stacking on the to the pyramid oven, they are all equally the same, but those at the center and those surrounding the center get more heat than the rest. Heat exposure reduces with distance from the central point hence causing differences in color.

However the same attributes of semi common make up the hard burn semi common brick’s.

Durability and purpose

While semi common bricks are recognized as one of the most used type of bricks in new residential areas, there are some areas it can not work at optimal. Semi hard burns are suitable for use in semi wet areas as they are strong and do not break easily. However though in wet areas favor goes to cement commons and solid commons, nevertheless semi hard burns are a great alternative and cheap.


  • light weight opposite to solid commons
  • durable and can be used in semi-wet lands
  • fairly priced
  • available all times
  • breakage allowance
  • all weather conditions friendly


Not approved by any standards authority board.

Only available from one point of production.

Combination materials


Plastering – Cement, water and pitsand

Brickwork – Cement, water and pitsand

Semi common hard burn bricks Pricing

Each hard brick costs $0.06

10  bricks costs $0.60

100  costs $6.00

1000 hard burn bricks costs $60.00

10 000 = $600.00


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