Terms & Conditions

  1. Instant delivery facility is only available on cash transactions and mobile money transfers.
  2. Bank transfer orders are processed after payment reflects in our banks.
  3. Strictly no pay on delivery terms for solid common bricks, quarry stones, interlocking pavers and quarry dust.
  4. Pay on delivery is available for Pitsand, Riversand and Gravel after confirmation of delivery address together with the receiver’s details.
  5. Make sure you purchase the proper product when placing orders as we do not accept returns under any circumstances.
  6. We do not offer cash refunds after 3 days of holding payments waiting for confirmation of materials to be ordered, you can only resort to changing the materials for another as we would have accrued processing costs which will need to be met.
  7. Our manufacturer’s and source of building supplies information is confidential.
  8. Inspect our products samples to your satisfaction before placing orders. 
  9. We offer transportation services for a negotiable separate fee except for materials with free deliveries
  10. In case there be an incident whereby you choose to use your own sourced transportation, we will not be held responsible for thefts, shortages, damages and other miscellaneous situations occurring in the transportation of your orders by your selected transporter.
  11. Our prices are subject to changing from time to time (excepts plans) and only paid orders can be processed at the old price.
  12. Lay-byes are available on all building supplies.
  13. Whilst great efforts are made to supply matching products, any minor differences in color and other aspects are not regarded as supply of wrong quality or material, kindly bear.
  14. Placing an order with us is an acknowledgement of our terms and conditions  and we will always strive to surpass your expectations with our services.                                                                      Complete Policy