Description of Building Materials

Helping our customers have a good understanding of the products we sell and supply them on daily basis in Zimbabwe most importantly common bricks, 3/4 stones, gravel, sand and cement. We find it useful for every one of our clients to learn something as this helps them make right choices and get to choose the best building materials for their construction project. We teach you about the measures on how to use our building supplies. We are creating more articles about different building materials making and uses, in the meantime we have managed to create these below.

Bricks origins and uses

Understand more about bricks types, strength, uses and differences


Sand origins and uses

Read more about the uses of pitsand, riversand and silversands


Stones making and uses

Learn more about stones crushing to 3/4 stones and quarry dust


Gravel source and uses

Find out more about gravel sources and its uses


Back in the days people used to visit shop by shop quoting building materials prices. In this modern age, we understand only a few still do site visits, however with our online building supply store there in so need to run around. We help you get all the building supplies for your project also explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each material. As indicated in the bricks description where you find that among the listed advantages, they are the most durable building material ever used for wall construction purposes. There are other essential materials that work hand in hand with bricks, like brickforce and damp course. All this helpful information is available online under ZBMS website for Zimbabwean residents.

Lastly for those who intend to contract builders and fear that they may be under or over quotes. Feel free to contact us over email or whatsapp for a same day bill of quantity and a free quotation, simply send us your house plan. Not forgetting that with us you dont pay for transportation on 80 percent of the aggregates we supply. We deliver for free, with us you simply save more. With our prices you build for less at ease, we offer instant deliveries for harare, ruwa, chitungwiza and surrounding areas.