Blue Prints

ZBMS has one of the greatest range of house plans which can be used as designed or altered to what you want. We spent a lot of time working towards producing attractive and modern designs which are in line with Zimbabwe building by-laws. With our expertise also aided by your personality we can craft a custom made home design that perfectly suits your requirements. We also take into consideration your budget for the dream home so that we do not design something that costs way over what you want to spent. If you want to change an already existing structure, our architects are able to alter it to any new designs of your choice in an excellent way. Take note that we also offer plan conversion services from to any standard.

As time goes by, some designs may need revisiting, if you wish to remodel your home, we can do it. ZBMS has helped a lot of people build their dream homes with personalized plan creations. Our house plans are also available in 2d and 3d where you get to have a view of how the finished project will look like, interior and exterior. It does not matter what size of plan you need, from tiny, small, simple, large and open ones, we have free samples available some with pictures online.

Besides standard main houses and double storey structures we also do cottages, temporary or camp home and staff quarters. For high density mainhouse structures, we provide open plans with bed rooms ranging from one bedroom to more than 4 bedrooms. On the same note anything above a 6 bedroomed house may only be for low density homes. An average medium density structure has about 5 bedrooms. We add ensuites as per client's specifications. Follow the links below to see the types of structures available.


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