Adding a contemporary flare to your walkways and driveways takes well manufactured pavers bricks. We ZBMS have the best eye catching bricks.

plain interlocking pavers bricks

smooth red clay pavers bricks for sale


We sell different tones to help you add the right personality and charm to transform your outdoor living spaces. ZBMS pavers bricks are strong, durable plus environmentally friendly. Your driveway or patio will stand the test of time.


Our selection ranges from interlocking pavers and standard common bricks. Depending on your niche you may choose the one of your choice. From ZBMS perspective interlocking pavers are the best for driveways rather than commons.

Common bricks are made from red clay whereas interlocking pavers are from concrete.


Interlocks are concrete products

Standard commons are from clay

Interlocking Pavers can be painted but clay bricks cant easily be.

Most interlocks dry from the sun whereas commons are oven products.

Combination materials

Driveways and pavements – quarry dust, weed killer, washed riversand, black sheeting, cement


Colored Interlocking Pavers $228 per 1000 bricks

Plain colored interlocking pavers $208 per 1000 bricks

Standard common bricks prices

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