Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers does not only supply quality building materials at the lowest prices but also make sure every one of our clients gets the best out of their construction projects.

Furthermore our client’s happiness is what matters most to us. And for this reason we do whatever it takes to satisfy and keep them coming back.


Firstly we can help you source a hassle free stand that suits your budget and payment options. Secondly we will get you an architect to design a unique and beautiful house plan with your specifications incorporated. Thirdly we provide you with a bill of quantity as well as quotations for all the materials. Finally when satisfied with quotations, we give you experienced builders and carpenters to work on your project to completion. Moreover we help you with project management when there is need, making sure everything is done according to your ways.

Why we decided to extend our services

In the first place most people only took ZBMS for a simple building materials supplying company. However most people incurred losses due to incomplete building supplies after full payments, dishonest trustees/ project managers/ project supervisors and builders. Clients took us for building materials suppliers who only know about their building materials and nothing more. In reality ZBMS is more than building materials suppliers, actually experienced construction experts.

Building materials suppliers

Since early 2000 the construction industry has been dominated by crooked individual building supplies merchants. Among others there were various cases where people would order 10000 bricks and get 8000 or less . Expressively there were tactics to make the bricks stack look like it has 10 instead of 8. Also on aggregates clients dont know how to measure the trucks to check the quantity.

Trustees / Project Managers / Supervisors

To enumerate this easily, trustees, project managers, supervisors are usually relatives. In most cases funds saved for construction are entrusted to relatives. Mostly by people living in the diaspora as well as those local with limited free time. Surprisingly trustees use project funds for their personal benefits instead of the main purpose  saved for. As a result some end up buying substandard building materials so as to cover up. For instance some bought semi common bricks in place of solid commons. Under those circumstances some engineers and city council inspectors would condemn the bricks. As a result construction project progress is put on halt. Consequently news comes to the project owners attention and the outcome never seemed pretty at all. Nevertheless knowing this or not never helps as this is history and the funds cant be recovered.


Most people end up with cracked or even fallen structures due to not background checking who they contract. People want cheap labor so as to cut costs. At times its wise to do a little background and reference check on who you contract. In essence if you assign an inexperienced builder, all you put in is going to be a complete waste. For instance if your builder builds your house wrongly by putting inadequate cement in the mortar mixtures. With this in mind there is 100% guarantee that your house never passes any inspection stage. Once inspector condemns any stage, that is to say the whole stage gets redone. As a result its demolished and started again. Imagine all the materials such as cement, pitsand, riversand, ¾ stones, and bricks soiled.

On the whole with this in mind we extended our services and offer our clients stress free services.


By all means make sure you put in the right people to help you  build your home. Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers is there to make sure your house is build and finished under all circumstances.

Your house is your children’s heritage therefore you should build it properly so it lasts. Use the right materials, Entrust the trustworthy with your funds and contract experienced builders.

Our Clients

We are trusted by our clients beyond measure because of the excellent services we provide. From Start to the end of any construction project we stand by making  sure everything is done properly.

Our clients are certainly what motivates us and drives our business. In the same manner we drive their projects until finished.

Be among those who enjoy the great services of Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers today so that you enjoy too!

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