We are very loud and proud about our passion and love for building materials supplies. Hence no doubt the reason why we are the leading suppliers in Zimbabwe. Whether you’re building, renovating, plumbing, roofing, concreting or repairing, our extensive range of building supplies under our website means we’ll have the right materials for you. Our range of products also cover landscaping projects.

We want our website to be as useful as possible for all our clients. However website structures maybe perplexing therefore we have fully described the whole of our website under this page with links pointing to every page talked about. Take your time and enjoy navigating our website, place your orders online from home or work easily and get your delivery within few hours.

From now you will never struggle to use the website, we have full explained how our site works below.

Our website menu

Our website has a categorized menu with labelled buttons like home, products, descriptions, services, cpm, asset exchange, opportunities, gallery, blog posts, how to, contact, ZBMS and help.


This is the first page of the site which welcomes you when you reach our site by visiting www.zbms.co.zw



Under products you find buttons namely shop, building materials prices, house plansroofing materials prices and driveway materials prices

Building materials prices

Under this we listed all building materials from bricks, cement, pitsand, riversand, 3/4 stones, gravel, quarry dust etc with prices. Clicking on an image or product name will direct you the full product description and uses if available as well as more images of the product.

Roofing materials prices

Roofing materials tab contains all roofing materials you may need on any type of construction project. This tab has roofing timber ( 114by38, 76by38, 38by38, 152by38, 228by38 etc). There are also asbestos sheets and asbestos ridges together with concrete tiles, ridges, chromadec ibr, flat sheets and q-tiles.


Here all the most dominant building materials are briefly described in detail. Solid common bricks, semi common bricks, face bricks, pitsand, riversand, washed riversand, 3/4 stones, quarry dust and gravel among others.


Under services tab we offer building materials estimates and architectural and plans drawing services, schedule of use commonly known as bill of quantities. Secondly we have transportation service where we have transport rates for selected quantities of materials. Thirdly we have driveways construction services, under this part we showcase our previous paving and driveway projects as well as prices. Lastly we have building structures plan designing services.


Construction projects management is the section where we assist those who need help managing their construction projects. From acquiring a residential stand, designing house plans, supplying all building materials, commencing construction works to finishing of projects.

Asset exchange

For those who wish to acquire building materials in exchange for vehicles and properties. Under asset exchange tab you get to see what other things you can exchange to get building materials.


Freelance jobs are available under opportunities for those who are passionate about selling building products like bricks, sands, 3/4 stones, cement etc getting commissions for every sale made, visit this page.

Blog posts

News, updates and promotions are all listed under this tab. There are innumerable educational posts regarding construction and building supplies with images.

How to?

Now if you are wondering how to do anything construction related or want to know more about building supplies. This is where you get to see questions already asked by others and also ask yours if you dont find what you are looking for. All questions are attended to and answered.


To get in touch with us via email, you fill in your details as requested by the from that shows up when you visit this tab. For quotations and bill of quantities and other information you might want to discuss with us, this is where you get in touch with us. You also get to see links of our social networks profiles and accounts, like facebook, twitter, linked in etc. Our phone numbers provided on the website are both on whatsapp.

Terms & Conditions

Under contact menu button you find terms and conditions which are part of our company policy for the supply of building aggregates and supplies.


Here you get to read some insights on how our clients benefit from us. You also get to suggest what would like to see and get from ZBMS.

As we strive to serve you better, we appreciate your recommendations and suggestions. We will always do the best to provide the best services nationwide.


Order Online

After finding all the materials you are interested in, its time to place an order and with us you do it in the comfort of our home or office. Click shop link from the menu, and start shopping.

When you see an item you like, simply click add to cart

You can add more than 100 different types of items into the cart

To check how many products you have added in the cart, click view cart link available on all items listed

When done selecting the items click view cart

Now from view cart this is where you get to apply the required quantities.

Add the quantities you need per every product then click update cart

It will automatically calculate the total costs of everything

If the prices are tallying with your budget, click proceed to checkout

From there you enter the address of delivery, your names and contact information

After filling in the information, click submit or ok then await our email of order approval

Soon after our confirmation you can then proceed to make payment, where you can use debit card, paypal, ecocash, telecash or any form of payment listed from the available options

When payment is made we send you an email confirming that your order is now in process, as well as provide you with the estimated time of delivery.

Thats it, sit back relax and wait for our delivery trucks to reach your site.


Thats just how easy Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers makes the buying of building supplies online easy.