building materials prices in zimbabwe

Back in the days individuals never went on the lookout for any fancy building materials in Zimbabwe. The construction industry of Zimbabwe was widely dominated by the same building materials like bricks, sand, cement and stones. However as time went by alongside with modern technology and product standards improving. Things have notably changed especially in terms of the building materials quality and variety of options introduced are innumerable.

building materials prices in zimbabwe


In the meantime in Zimbabwe we have:

Machine compressed standard solid common bricks

Hand compressed Semi common bricks

Building pitsand

Plastering pitsand

Ordinary riversand

Washed riversand

¾ quarry stones

Hill gravel

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Machine compressed solid common bricks

At this instant we consider solid common bricks as the greatest alternative for any other type of bricks. They are strong and most popular building materials in Harare and not only that but also surrounding cities.

Hand compressed semi common bricks

Semi common bricks have come in and dominated the new residential areas mostly managed and developed by housing co-operatives. Sometime a while back people used farm bricks to build houses now semi commons are the only recommended option for those who can’t afford solid common bricks.


Pitsand has been in use since long back though clay used to serve the same purpose before cement was discovered. When cement began to circulate in use, people abandoned use of clay as it was no longer of any use as it never works well with cement.


According to history and researches riversand was rarely used in ancient days and wasn’t much of use. However when people began to know its worthiness they resorted to it specifically for concrete and floors until today.

¾ quarry stones

Handy rocks and stones were the foundations materials back in the days, today with crusher machine, we get smaller stones sizes. ¾ quarry stones now useful in terms of concretes and driveways.

Hill gravel

Hill gravel was never used for a building material in the ancient days. Its only these modern days we have come to realize the importance of using hill gravel for backfilling instead of excavated clay

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