bricks cost per quantity harare zimbabwe prices

In the first place comparing cost of bricks from one supplier to another can be very confusing. Costs of bricks/ bricks prices vary from one supplier to another. Zimbabwe Building Materials Supplier remains our nations leading and most trusted supplier because of quality and affordable prices.

bricks cost per quantity harare zimbabwe

Cost of bricks per unit – 1000

Common bricks price – Common bricks are generally the standard bricks in Zimbabwe. Prices change from time to time, mostly high during the rainy seasons.  However Average price of common bricks is $0.10 per unit/each, $1 for 10/per 10 units, $10 for 100/per 100 units,  $100 per 1000. The advantages of ordering common bricks from ZBMS is that you can order any quantity at any time and collect.

 Semi common 

Semi commons bricks second common bricks in terms of popularity. Carledonia, Eastview, Stoneridge, Southerly Park have all been build with semi commons all in all. Though there be numerable other houses build with different bricks. Semi common bricks average price is $0.065 each/ per unit, $0.65 for 10/ per 10 bricks, $6.50 for 100/ per 100, $65 for 1000/ per 1000. You can order any quantity between 8am and 2pm and collect same day.


Face bricks prices are considered high as compared to other bricks. Major reason being that they are beautiful and definitely leaves your structure attractive. The cost of face bricks is $0.26 each/ per unit, $2.60 for 10/per 10 bricks , $26 for 100/per 100, $130 per pallet/ per 500 $260 for 1000/ per 1000 bricks.

Cement common 

Cement common bricks are $0.12 each/per unit, $1.20 for 10/per 10 bricks, $12 for 100/per 100, $120 for 1000/per 1000

Note: Though our materials are of great quality we always price to sell!

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