standard solid common bricks for sale harare

We aim to provide competitive bricks prices coupled with first class Zimbabwe wide brick supply and delivery services. Having extensive experience in the bricks supply trade, we are more than happy and equipped to help you with any inquiries you may have. We have approximately over 500 000 common bricks for sale, ready for dispatch not to mention face bricks and semi commons. In case we do not list a specific type of brick, please check our catalog and feel free to contact us if you have any queries, we are here to assist with your requirements. Above all we are greatly pleased to provide you with free quotations upon your request.

In fact getting the right bricks for the right job is an integral part of any construction project. Many factors should be taken into consideration significantly strength. We have put a range of bricks for sale so you can choose the one that suits your construction project requirements.

Standard  clay common / Hard clay commons 

standard solid common bricks for sale harare

Standard clay commons are for use in general brickwork across a wide variety of applications

Average clay common bricks prices $100 per 1000

Load bearing bricks 

load bearing bricks for sale

As one of the strongest building materials, Load bearing bricks are for use whenever in areas that are likely to be exposed to frost, water and heavy loads.

Load bearing 

Load bearing bricks average price $160 per 1000

Clay face bricks

bulky clay face bricks for sale

Under Clay face bricks categories you also find red rustic, blue black, plum, dark and joburg which are suitable for all construction types and uniquely they leave your building with a beautiful look that does not require plastering unlike other bricks.

Clay face

Though rates depend on the type of Clay face bricks, average price $260 per 1000

Cement common 

cement common bricks for sale

Cement commons are great in various ways including noise reduction, heat resistance and furthermore there is less need for maintenance.

More about Cement commons

cement common bricks average price $120 per 1000

Semi common bricks for sale

semi common bricks for sale harare

Semi common bricks are best for use on durawalls and privacy wall. Majority of people residing in Harare are using them for cottages and also high density homes main houses. They are considered the cheapest common bricks.

Semi commons

semi common bricks average prices $65 per 1000

Cost of transporting

The cost of transporting bricks is calculated basing on distance and quantity. We deliver our bricks for sale within two hours anywhere in Harare, Ruwa, Chitungwiza and other surrounding towns. Our quotations are completely free of charge. If you are not sure about the quantities you need, please call or email us to assist you with a bill of quantities. With our expertise we guarantee you the best advice on building materials selection.

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