stones for sale harare ruwa chitungwiza


¾ stones  make up what the building structures are today. Concrete plays a vital role in the construction industry, and for us to have a concrete mixture, there is great need for ¾ stones.

There is absolutely no way we can talk of plans for construction projects without the involvement of these stones.

As ZBMS we value our client’s needs and make sure service is delivered as promised.

stones for sale harare ruwa chitungwiza

19mm Concrete ¾ stones for sale

19mm concrete ¾ stones are basically used for concrete. We recommend 19mm concrete stones for use on concrete because of their size which makes them easy to mix. 19mm quarry stones are mixed with cement and river sand for concrete. Mixing can be done on site or you can order premixed concrete. We have stones at the lowest prices in Zimbabwe. Get in touch for free quotations today and enjoy the convenience of ordering from us.

Standard Mixing ratios –

When mixing stones for concrete use, we recommend 1:2:2 ratio.

1 bag of cement is equivalent to 2 wheel barrows of ¾ stones and 2 wheel barrows of riversand.

1 cubic of the stones for sale is equal to 12 wheel barrows

You need 3 bags of masonry cement per cubic mixture of stones and river sand.

However depending on what the responsible project engineer or architects notes may suggest, the ratios may change.


Here when it comes to driveways, we use 20mm ¾ stones. When using them for driveways you do not necessarily need to level the ground. When you order our stones for sale we will deliver and offload them right where you need them. If they are needed right on the area to be used as a driveway, we will offload them right there, so you will only need to spread them uniformly and build boundaries so they stay within the driveway path. Our quarry products are great for use anywhere and are readily available anytime.


¾ stones for sale at $20 per cubic

$100 per 5 cubic

$200 per 10 cubic

$300 per 15 cubic

$400 per 20 cubic

We sell from one cubic to any quantity needed on all materials. Our supplying capacity is capable of supplying 200 cubic to 400 cubic a day. Depending on demand we have 24 hour supplying capabilities.

Call us today and order our ¾ stones for sale

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