concrete river sand for sale harare ruwa chitungwiza

Today we are talking of our Riversand  which is commonly used for concreting and flooring in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The main aim of this post is to provide information that helps builders and project owners.

When using river sand for concrete most people do on site mixing whereas others choose to order pre-mixed concrete. On site mixing is cheaper but needs supervision and proper mixing.

There are two major uses for river sand namely concreting and flooring.

concrete river sand for sale harare ruwa chitungwiza


Under this construction stage, river sand is used for concrete. Its mixed with 3/4 stones and cement is for building structures as well as bridges and other buildings that may require brick work.

Standard Mixing ratios 

When mixing river sand with cement and 3/4 stones for concrete, you can use ratio 1:2:2

Assistant builders can do it manually or you use a concrete mixer.

Depending on your finances, you can order pre-mixed concrete

1 bag of cement is equivalent to  2 wheel barrows of river sand and 2 wheel barrows of 3/4 stones.

1 cubic of our  river sand for sale is equal to 12 wheel barrows

Nevertheless when trying to cut costs, the responsible project engineer or architects may change the ratios.

Floors river sand

Floors river sand is commonly used for rough and smooth floors. This sand is graded so that it does not contain weeds and also black soil. Floors should be done with care and the mixture of riversand and cement should be thoroughly mixed. Installing floors properly will save your house floors from cracking.

Standard mixing ratios 

When mixing with cement for floors,  builders can work with 1:4 ratio.

Make sure the riversand is clean from weeds and any other dirt.

1 bag of cement is equivalent to 4 wheel barrows.

1 cubic of riversand  is equal to 12 wheel barrows.

You need 3 bags of masonry cement per cubic of river sand.

You may need to consult your project engineer before changing the mixing ratios as the floors may be weakened if there is not enough cement.


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