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Ever noticed that bricks prices are high during rainy seasons in all years?. Most brick manufacturing companies close down during the rainy seasons due to in adequate plastic and other equipment to cover up bricks before they are put in ovens. A majority can not risk the loss of having more than 100 000 bricks getting washed away by rains. However during Summer, Autumn and Winter seasons bricks are sold at the average market prices. See standard bricks prices below;


Standard common bricks (hard commons) cost $100 per 1000

Load bearing cost $140 per 1000

Plaster common cost $100 per 1000

Semi common  cost $50 per 1000

Semi common hard burn  cost $60 per 1000

Red rustic Face bricks cost $260 per 1000

Chip off face bricks cost $240 per 1000

Machine pressed cement common bricks cost $120 per 1000

Seasons when bricks prices are low

As we have wrote in our other building materials posts, the best times to buy bricks is when there are no rains. Rains disturb the normal production rates of bricks by almost 55 percent. The best times to order when bricks prices are low in Zimbabwe is during summer, autumn and winter. During these seasons bricks prices are fair due to the normal production processes.

Major causes for bricks prices raise in rainy seasons

Making process in Zimbabwe

When clay gets extracted from the ground, we take it to the grinding mills so as to get fine clay. From the grinding mill we take it for proportional mixing with water. After mixing, the now wet clay is then taken into molding trays then machine pressed. We leave them in the sun to dry then put them in the ovens for burning. After burning, they are ready products for use.

Bricks making Challenges

Now as you can see from the making process, when extracting the clay, we leave open pits. When its raining these pits are filled with water there by hindering extraction of more clay. Even if the clay is extracted, its too wet and thin for us to use it for bricks. The clay and water mixture doesn’t have to be too thin or too hard, it should be moderate. Say we have managed to get moderately mixed clay, when its raining, the vehicles that carry wet bricks to the drying grounds at times get stuck in the mud. That means we need to wait until rains stop (progress affected).

On to the open drying grounds, they are wet and we cant heap the bricks on top of mud. Furthermore maybe, we had put the on to the grounds for drying, when it starts raining, we will never manage to get 100 000 bricks off the grounds and hide under shades. Approximately 3/4 of the stock is swept by the rains.

Bricks Manufactures resolution

Having considered all these possible hindrances most bricks manufacturers choose to close down as soon as the rainy seasons start. This is when a few manufactures left open utilize the chance to raise the bricks prices so as to balance on purchasing extra equipment to sustain them during rainy season. Also due to high demand as clients will be flocking to one manufacture as others will be closed down, they inflate bricks prices (high demand – high rates). As a result people buy because of great need.

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