semi common building bricks for durawalls and cottages better than farm bricks

Planning on building in new high density areas like Caledonia, Eastview, damofalls, Southerly Park, Ruwa, Zimre Park, Manyame Park, Stone ridge ec cetera?, you don’t need to stress about using solid commons. There is an alternative type of brick that can be used instead of solid common which is the Semi Common brick.

semi common bricks for durawalls and cottages better than farm bricks

Its found in two different types which are ordinary semi common and hard burn semi common brick.
-In wet places and black soiled areas you can use the semi common hard burn bricks.
-in places with friendly soils you can opt for the ordinary semi common.

The difference between these two is that
(a) the ordinary semi common is just generally attractive and neat.
(b) the hard burn brick is very strong and not easily broken, its superior to the ordinary in many ways.

Advantages of semi common brick

1. They are affordable and can be delivered within hours after purchase.

2. Readily available at any time.
3. Their price is almost 3/5 the price of the solid commons.
4. They are delivered with bulky breakage allowance.

Consider using them and you could save a lot of money and use it on other things.

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