semi common hard burn bricks

Due to affordability and strength of hard burn semi common bricks in Zimbabwe most people residing in newly launched residential areas mostly dominated by residents under co-operatives like Carledonia, Eastview, Southlea Park et cetera have resorted to building their houses using these bricks.

semi common hard burn bricks

Made up of red clay same as that used to make standard solid common. Most people think they are the same with standard solid commons but hard burn semi common bricks are a bit darker. Their smoothness is not as fine as standard solid common’s. They are hand compressed and burnt in ordinary ovens with coal fire.

Top reasons why most people choose hard burn semi common bricks:

  • They are lighter than standard solid commons
  • They can be used in almost the same areas with solid commons.

Hard burn semi common durability and price

  • Greatly durable and way better than farm bricks
  • They cost only US$80.00 per 1000 and are always available

So long you are building in high density areas you are guaranteed to build your house using hard burn semi common bricks you are guaranteed no problem. Be sure to choose the right tradesmen to build your house an witness the worthiness of purchasing these bricks.


Hard burn semi commons are made in formerly owned areas by machine compressed solid common brick manufacturing firms like Beta and Willdale such as Mt Hamptden. When these companies relocate leaving open pits, individuals start to manufacture their own bricks without compression machines.

So you can now substitute solid commons for semi commons whenever necessary to economize your project cost and you will never regret if you order the bricks from us. We are stockists of great quality hard burn semi common bricks.

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