34 quarry stones suppliers harare ruwa chitungwiza

With our concrete aggregates sourced from the most reputed manufacturers, you build it right!. Our 3/4 quarry stones are granite and limestone products carrying with them innumerable advantages. Among them are stones are uniform in size, color and quality. Notably different from the majority of stones being crushed by individuals. Our stones do not contain any fine particles which we believe to be a concrete weakening material. Thirdly for a given amount of cement in the concrete mix, crushed limestone concrete will have a strength advantage. This strength advantage comes from the fact that cement bonds tighter to limestone than to any other type of stones. Furthermore crushed limestone concrete also has a lower thermal coefficient of expansion.

34 quarry stones suppliers harare ruwa chitungwiza

3/4 quarry stone uses

  1. Concrete aggregates
  2. Structural concrete
  3. Road sub-base, Base and top dressing
  4. Rock fill
  5. Pre-mix concrete
  6. Gabions – Retaining walls
  7. Dimension stone
  8. Specialist sands
  9. Rail ballast

For concrete purposes 3/4 stones are mixed with washed riversand or ordinary riversand together with cement.

Prices per cubic meter

1 cubic $30

2 cubic $60

3 cubic $90

4 cubic $120

5 cubic $150

6 cubic $180

7 cubic $210

8 cubic $240

9 cubic $270

10 cubic $300

12 cubic $360

15 cubic $450

20 cubic $600

Call us for an instant concrete stones supply anywhere in Harare, Ruwa, Chitungwiza and surrounding towns.

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  1. Please do me a quotation for the following:
    1. 20 cubic 3/4 stones
    2. 20 cubic river sand
    3. 7 cubic pit sand
    4. Transportation to Southlea Park

  2. Please give a quote for 3/4 stones 25 cubic meters to ten miles along Wed a road. Include transport.

  3. Please do me a quotation of:

    1. 20 cubic 3/4 stones
    2. 20 cubic river sand
    3. 20 cubic pit sand
    4 Transport to Ruwa

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