BS – Harare, Ruwa, Chitungwiza

bricks suppliers harare ruwa chitungwiza

Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers are by far the largest bricks suppliers in Zimbabwe. Our extensive range of bricks can be browsed at our brick price list page and at our sales offices. ZBMS supply both the public and trade with a wide range of brick types, products and brick finishes. We have so many types of bricks on offer including, standard common bricks, red rustic face bricks, wire brush face bricks, blue hearts, cement commons, smooth common bricks etc. Above all these bricks are sourced from various well known and trusted bricks manufactures in Harare and other cities in Zimbabwe.

Our stocks are filled up with hand made and machine pressed building bricks. Our capability of bricks supply is above 100 000 bricks per day. If you have a project you would like to discuss, feel free to drop by our offices anytime or call and make an appointment to meet with one of our senior sales/project advisers.

Load bearing/Clinker Bricks

We quite simply have every brick for every project, from semi common brick, farm brick, solid common brick, face brick and other first class brick. Of course these bricks can be used for various types of constructions, including farm houses, fowl & chicken runs, dura walls, cottages, standard houses, double storey structures, industrial and commercial structures. We also have paving bricks. Almost all our bricks samples and pictures are now available online including the $100 common bricks.

bricks suppliers harare ruwa chitungwiza

We make it easy for you to get our brick supplies, you can now order all building materials online. Whether you’re renovating an existing building hundreds of years old, constructing a city centre shopping centre or a 5 star hotel, designing an apartment building, fitting-out a public bar, or simply building a house extension. Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers is here to assist and supply you with any type of building products/materials from start right through to completion.

We’re identically leading the way in brick and stone supply and no project is too large, too complicated or too small. Lastly our bricks prices are the lowest nationwide, not only that but also our other building materials price list too low to be negotiated.

Contact us to place an order or inquire about any type of brick, lines are open from morning to dawn.

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  1. I am looking fr smooth commons delivered to Mukombami in Chikwaka 60km from Harare how much will it be

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