Modern Building ideas – Less straining

house building ideas

Modern building ideas

Due to inadequate funds for construction projects, many people building in high density areas have adopted a new strategy of building their homes. As you know or may not know, house construction is done on stage basis. Now the idea that is becoming popular is that of building the homes in stages. Among those building the majority copy the same strategy from one another. They construct the whole house from footing concrete, box brickwork, backfill then pour slab concrete. From slab, depending on how much they have, they construct one or two rooms or even more.

We found this form of building super and effective cost wise. Especially for those who are renting and paying monthly accommodation rates. For instance if you are renting a house in high density areas of Harare like Dzivarasekwa, Kambuzuma, Mufakose, Mbare you are likely to pay an average of $50 per room every month. Furthermore if you add electricity and water bills it amounts to almost $100 per month going for every room.

So to minimize costs like these, you as someone with intentions of being a new home owner you can copy what others are doing. There is completely nothing wrong with copying something that is good.

house building ideas

What you can do

You can budget towards constructing the complete slab of your house then construct only one or two rooms depending on how much you have or family size. With this strategy if you were paying more than $200 for rentals and bills, you can save that for constructing the remaining rooms.

If you manage to set aside $200 per every month, after 5 months you will be able to buy a load of 10000 solid commons or semi common bricks. Soon after slab level bricks become the other most essential building materials alongside cement. On average if building a high density home you will need about 10000 bricks. If building medium density you need about 13000 to 18 000 solid common bricks depending on your house plan. Pitsand, riversand and 3/4 stones costs will also be determined by house plan.

With this concept if you compare two individuals, who earn exactly the same amount with same expenditure. You find that the one who moves into their 2 roomed home builds the house for less and in a shorter period than the other. The one who moves in is definitely going to have less financial constrains, as rentals will be done with. The one who remains at their rented property, has to pay both sides, rentals and construction project, which is likely to strain them.

Lastly some people do not like the idea of moving into an incomplete home rather a finished one late. If you find our ideas useful you can start budgeting on your construction project and implement the same idea. For savings purposes you need a bill of quantity together with prices quotations. Both these services are available from ZBMS, contact us using the contact details above

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  1. I would like to find out if you deliver the bricks as I am living out of town at Mahamara estate under Mvuma Chirumanzu by the sebakwe area near the dam though. I am interested in buying common bricks to build at my farm and I would be interested in buying all building materials from your firm and also use your firm for building of the house at the farm if possible. So I am interested in the price list of your products, and how much is it to build a house that is about 2000 sq ft.

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