common materials used for construction in Harare, Ruwa, Chitungwiza

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Common materials

Common  materials are generally the most bought materials in a specific location or area as analyzed by researchers. However selection of materials for construction is determined by factors such as availability, cost, tenacity and durability. People based in harare, ruwa and chitungwiza are reliant on the same building materials suppliers. Notably Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers is known as one of the largest building materials distributor nationwide. In as much owing to the need for cheap building materials, clients resort to ZBMS supplies of its pricing.

Therefore basing on the rate of building materials orders placed by clients, we have a list of the most purchased building materials.

To start with bricks, machine pressed hard common bricks are the most used material together with cement.

Standard hard common bricks

hard common building materials in zimbabwe

These come from clay which we compress to form bricks then air-dry. After drying, we burn the bricks or fire in a kiln to permanently harden them. In essence hard bricks are commonly for construction of walls and driveways. We perforate some to consequently lighten them and quicken the drying process. The products are popular due to their fire resistance abilities and purchase rate. Almost 60 percent of houses in Harare are constructed from these bricks.


Wherever you are building in the world, cement is truly one of the most dominant building material regardless of prices. It is certainly the most essential building material with over 1 billion tonnes manufactured every year. Cement is for use in masonry work as an adhesive to hold the stones, bricks and blocks in place as well as in plastering and floors. For the most part is mixed with aggregates as a binder to form concrete and with pitsand to form mortar.


In the same way this is used with cement to make mortar and sometimes quarry products to make concrete. Similarly the material plays a significant role in construction industry of Zimbabwe. We have identically two types of sands, namely pitsand (for brickworks and plastering) and riversand (for concrete and floors).

3/4 concrete stones

Lastly this is among the most common construction material in the country, quarry. There are two types of stones in the market, chiefly manual cut stones and machine cut stones. The manually cut stones are not as much recommended as compared to machine cut ones. Manually cut stones are from untested stones for strength and some break further on after manual crushing. On the other hand Machine cut stones are well shaped with an even surface. They also save on mortar during building and plastering since there are no uneven gaps to be filled. Moreover with no circumstances whereby they break on their own as tested for strength.

In conclusion those four materials make up the most common building materials list in Zimbabwe. If you think there are some left out, feel free to comment below.

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