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Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers Price list

Popularly known as ZBMS, we have been supplying building materials nation wide for a long time. With this great experience we guide all clients from start to finish of their projects. From selecting the best sites for building and assisting with stands sourcing from legit sellers till a finished home. When it comes to building materials pricing, no one does it like Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers. Whether you are a  contractor or home owner, looking to get cheap building materials fairly priced, you are at the right place. We have compiled available in stock building materials price list. Feel free to browse through and get in touch with us on the provided contact details above.

bricks price list

Bricks Price list

Farm bricks – (Out of supplies, we recommend semi common bricks instead, if you are looking for cheap and strong bricks)

Semi common bricks – $50 per 1000

Plaster solid commons – $100 per 1000

Standard Hard Solid common bricks – $100 per 1000

Smooth Industrial/Engineering bricks – $140 per 1000

Standard cement common bricks – $120 per 1000

Cement blocks  – $1000 per 1000

Smooth face bricks – $200 per 1000

Red rustic face bricks  – $260 per 1000

Interlocking paver bricks – $210 per 1000 bricks

Rectangle pavers bricks – $210 per 1000 bricks


Sands Price list

Building pitsand – $13 per cubic – Transportation is free of charge

White Plastering pitsand – $15 per cubic – Free transportation

Top soil – $13 per cubic

Ordinary riversand – $15 per cubic – Know more about riversand uses from descriptions tab – Free transportation

Washed riversand – $17 per cubic – Free transportation


Backfilling Materials price list

Hill gravel (also for road use) – $13 per cubic – Free delivery

Rubble – $20 per cubic

Coal rubble $30 per cubic

Quarry price list

Quarry dust – $15 per cubic

Crusher run – $20 per cubic

3/4 stones – $20 per cubic ( 19mm to 20mm)


Cement price list

Masonry cement – $10 per bag

PC 15 cement – $12 per bag

Supaset – $15 per bag


Other materials prices

Polythene plastic – $0.5 per meter (250 micro)

Termite poison – $1.5 per liter

Damp course proof (DPC) – $4 per roll

Brick force – $2 per roll

Weed killer – $25

17 Replies to “Harare, Ruwa, Chitungwiza, Norton”

  1. I want to know if you have a deport in Norton as that is where we intent to be building. and also do you make deliveries. We want about 35 000 standard common bricks. All the other items will buy latter. Do you allow payment by transfers and pre-payments of say 4 months

  2. I am requesting for quotation of the following:-

    -common bricks – 31,000
    -stones – 20. Cubits
    -riversand -15 cubics
    -pitsand – 50 cubic
    -facebricks -600
    – cement – 250 bags – masonry

  3. Hi can I have a quote for pit sand 40 cubic and 80 river sand.

    How much would that be if paying with USD

    Stand is in Galloway Park, Norton , do you provide free transport

  4. Good day.How much is standard cement bricks 10 000 must be log to Glenwood Epworth.Do you do transfers and laybye

  5. Good morning,
    I need 10m3 of stones for slab, 15m3 of rubbles, 10m3 river sand 10000 common bricks, 1000 face bricks. Kindly quote and advise on delivery to Johannesburg, Norton. Expected date of delivery is 13/02/2018 and not later than 15/02/2018

  6. hi can i have a quotation for 12000 common bricks ,200 backs of masonry cement and do you have a deport in ruwa or near that area.

  7. How are you, I am in need of a quotation for 14 000 semi solid bricks and 1 000 face bricks

    Do have a depot in Chitungwiza Makoni area

    Thank you

  8. May l have a quotation for 5500 farm bricks , Pitsand sand 10cubic,Riversand 5 cubic, Stones 5 cubic,cement 25 bags.l am in Chitungwiza

  9. good Day Mercy ,
    I am a cement dealer. I can provide you Ultracem 52.5 (supesrset) at US $12 per bag .

    whatasapp me on +258 84 286 7963

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