quarry dust for sale suppliers in harare zimbabwe

In order to keep pace with the never ending demands of customers, we are involved into offering wide range of quarry stone products including quarry dust. Our company has been successful in winning appreciation from the clients as one of the most prominent names in the trading of various building materials also being the most reliable quarry dust suppliers.

Quarry Dust is a dust material produced during rock crushing process activities. It is used for filling purpose, concrete and hollow blocks manufacturing. It is not recommended for any constructional work. However in Zimbabwe most people use it for driveways ground leveling before laying clay bricks or concrete pavers.

The greatest advantage of quarry dust when using it for driveways is that it can be easily compacted whether manually or using plate compactor. But when it comes to using cheap alternatives, washed riversand works just the same as quarry dust though not easy to use as q-dust.

Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers is popularly known for its great services in the building supplies industry. Time and quality materials is what we value the most also making sure services are rendered at the lowest rates to meet any client’s budgets. We are a very active building supplies company, we supply from Sunday to Saturday, we have large quantities of quarry dusts ready for dispatch.

quarry dust for sale suppliers in harare zimbabwe

Prices per quantity

1 cubic costs $15

2 cubic $30

3 cubic $45

4 cubic $60

5 cubic $75

6 cubic $90

7 cubic $105

8 cubic $120

9 cubic $135

10 cubic $150

15 cubic $225

20 cubic $300

Transportation rate is charged depending on quantities ordered as well as place of delivery.

We deliver orders once we confirm payment on same day basis. Not sure about the exact quantity needed on your project?, do not hesitate to contact us before placing an order. We are very willing to help our clients.

ZBMS contact details are available at the top of the page

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