Now wrapped and packed

now packed and wrapped common bricks harare ruwa chitungwiza zimbabwe

Now packed and wrapped

ZBMS keeps making things better and easy for you.
Clients were struggling to verify quantities delivered from their orders as the bricks had to be counted one by one. We as the leading building materials supplies company nationwide, we always strive to meet our client’s needs.
We now supply our solid common bricks wrapped and packed in batches of 500 bricks per pallet. Now its very easy for anyone to count and verify quantities delivered.

Moreover when delivered we make sure we leave them safely packed in a uniform way, thereby saving your yard space.

Wherever you are, we reach you!

now packed and wrapped common bricks harare ruwa chitungwiza zimbabwe

Our bricks are delivered on crane. No need to worry about looking for manual labor as our charges transportation charges cater for all the costs. We take less than 15 minutes to offload 10 000 bricks.

As part of our mission making sure building in Zimbabwe gets easy, we have every other building materials for sale at the lowest rates.

Bill of quantities are also available for as little as $20 per house plan and we do it while you wait. There are so many benefits of being a ZBMS client, visit our offices for more materials and construction services.

Majority of our materials are delivered free of charge, we do the loading, transporting and offloading for you. Building supplies is what make up our service.

Same day delivery for all building materials.

Bricks prices per 1000 (packed and wrapped)

Solid common bricks $100
Semi common bricks $65
Smooth industrial  $160
Cement common bricks $120
Red rustic face bricks $260

Aggregates prices per cubic

Pitsand $13
Riversand $17
Gravel $15
3/4 stones $30
Crusher run $25
Quarry dust $15

Membranes & other materials

Polythene plastic $1
Damp proof course $5
Brickforce $2
Termite poison $1

Lafarge & PPC Cement and other essential building materials also available.

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