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When running construction projects, there are different types of building materials used with each playing an important role. They vary from project to project also depending on location. Recently most of our clients were consistently asking us about what of materials do they need for their different specific projects. Some were working on driveways and paving projects, some on house constructions, durawall erections and so forth. So being a reliable source of guidance regarding use and supply of building materials in Zimbabwe, we as ZBMS compiled a list of building materials used for the most common house construction projects.

building materials used for house construction

To start with, we begin with the most common materials to the least.

Building materials used for constructing houses; Bricks, Cement, Pitsand, Riversand, ¾ stones, water, brickforce, damp proof course, polythene plastic, termite poison and gravel

  1. Bricks

There are different types of bricks available on the market and depending on your budget, you get to choose the exact type of brick you like. There are solid commons also known as hard commons, load bearings, clinker, smooth industrials, cement commons and face bricks. Many people seem interested in semi commons due to their low price, but the greatest disadvantage about them is their limited strength which makes them unsuitable for urban use. Nevertheless due to the rate at which they are being used, if you also opt for them we recommend you to use a lot of brickforce and enough cement. See our prices of bricks for sale

  1. Cement

This one works as a binder and there are different types of cement for sale. At Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers, we offer you a range of selection namely, Lafarge masonry, Portland pc15, Supaset and PPC Porthold masonry, Unicem, Surebuild. They all have different strengths ideal for every type of work you need them for. You can apply on concrete mixtures and mortar, even on cement bricks moulding. Cement is available for sale at low prices

  1. Pitsand

Pitsand is generally the same however color variances may contribute on causing one to choose one on top of the other. There is an ordinary grey/dark/brown colored pit sand which most builders use for brickwork. Then there is a light grey or white like type which is commonly used for plastering. See prices of pit sand for sale

  1. Riversand

On to riversand, there is ordinary and washed. Washed river sand is basically for floors and special concrete works. Narrowing down with it, you also find standard washed riversand and coarse river sand. Ordinary river sand is for general concrete and cannot be used for floors. check the river sand prices to buy

  1. ¾ stones

Without this product we can never name any mixture in construction “concrete”. ¾ stones are available in two types namely 20mm and 19mm. Depending on what your project engineer may suggest, we recommend 20mm for double storey structures concrete. 19mm are okay for use on standard houses and even on the double storey houses. Buy your 3/4 stones at the lowest sale prices.

  1. Water

Water is one of the never exempted material under all construction stages. From footing, box brickwork, backfilling, slab concrete, mainstructure to lintels and beams.

  1. Brickforce

Brickforce reinforces the walls. It’s a wire product with two wires running for about 15m to 20m side by side. Between the two horizontal wires there are vertical wire jointers that connect the two after every 15cm to 30cm depending on manufacturer. Its available in two types 115mm brickforce and 230mm brickforce. When buying, please refer to your house plan where its indicated on the sizes required.

  1. Damp proof course

Famously known as dpc, damp proof course serves as a membrane which prevents moisture from raising into the main structure walls. Its also found in two types as brickforce, namely 115mm dpc and 230mm dpc.

  1. Polythene plastic/ Black sheeting

This is another membrane which prevents water and moisture from rising through the slab or floors. Its spread covering the whole floor area and no open spaces should be left uncovered before slab concrete. Polythene plastic is also used as an alternative for covering the boundaries of big construction projects instead of zinc iron sheets. Some may prefer calling it black sheeting, its available for sale in different thicknesses. Most common sizes in use are 100mic and 250 mic.

  1. Termite poision

On this I believe you already guessed what its purpose is. Quite simple as its name suggests, it’s a poison used for killing and termites and ants as well as prevent them from invading your house or whatever structure you are working on. Termite poison

  1. Gravel

Lastly we have gravel, its for backfilling before slab concrete. See gravel sale prices

I hope this post guides you on your construction project. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions via our email address and whatsapp numbers below. Use the same contact details for quotations and placing orders.



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