How to customize any house plan for the best

Most of the times when the need for building a new house rises, we spend too much time looking for different samples that match exactly what we expect of a plan. This at times maybe fruitful or at times be time wasted. Now this can only be fruitful if we get something that looks exactly as we want our house to be. On the other hand if after spending more than four hours searching on google for the best house and you still don’t get one that matches what you need, thats a time waste. Well this doesn’t only happen to you, almost 80 percent of people who are working on getting new homes experience this. And even as we speak right now, someone else is looking for one.

3 bedroom open high density house plan with laundry, garage, linen, kitchen, dining, lounge, bath room, toilet, passage customize floor plan

Customize any house plan

Well as ZBMS Architects, through experience and specialized knowledge in architectural designs we would like to give you some tips on how you can save your precious time and customize any house plan for the best. From our understanding, all houses are designed in similarly the same manner, so lets look at the things you can play around with below.

  1. Floor Plan: You can spin/reverse it instead of using it as it is, that is if garage and lounge are at the opposite of where you want them to be.
  2. Garage: In a case where the garage is facing the front, you can adjust it to a side entry.
  3. Windows: If you get a drawing that has too many window openings, you can reduce them. You can actually have a maximum of 3 windows per room depending on how big it is.
  4. Interior walls: If the plan has too many interior walls, you can either remove most of them completely or move them to create space. The little the walls, the more you save on building materials.
  5. Room sizes: If you want a lot of rooms to accommodate a big family, you can reduce their sizes to create space for new ones. If you want bigger rooms you can eliminate others and create space for enlargement of the remaining ones.
  6. Kitchen: There are a lot of things that you can customize here. Either add or remove fitted cupboards, or limit the space they occupy. To create space, move the fridge to dining room.
  7. Bedroom: Your bedrooms are your rest rooms, if there is need, add a en-suite to the master bed. However if there is little space, share bath rooms and toilets with the rest of your family. This also helps you save on plumbing costs.
  8. Doors:  Instead of having doors for each room, convert the set up to open concept. Most of the non private rooms will be linking to each other, case in point, dining, lounge and kitchen. This again helps cut costs on doors and frames.
  9. Roof: On to the house exterior view, adjust the roof pitch to exactly what you like. Kindly note that the roof pitch plays an important role on determining cost of roofing materials.

Last hint

Most importantly when customizing your dream home designs, always have your family in mind. This will help you come up with something that will accommodate everyone. If its a high density house plan, we recommend a minimum of 3 bed rooms including the master bedroom. This will at least serve both boys and girls, and you as the parents. If not, your visitors will also have a room to rest in when they visit you.

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