Brick durawall construction services zimbabwe harare no plasterings

Which ever building material used to build security, privacy and boundary walls popularly referred to as durawall is ok depending how its used. There is a variety of building material that can be used. Durawalls serve great purposes especially on privacy and security

Brick durawall construction services zimbabwe harare no plasterings


When focusing on the privacy, no one can see whats inside your yard depending on height and building materials used. Most people choose using bricks as their building material.


At the same time durawalls are one of the best security measures you need to effect on your property. In the event that you use bricks to construct it, razor and electric wire help enhance security. In fact installing razor wire and electric works well because any perpetrator will have to meet the trouble before making it in.

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Boundary wall

On to boundary marking, from time to time you can save yourself form conflicts over boundaries. When you purchase a property building up walls surrounding your property is a great way to safeguard your land. Because as time goes on, pegs get covered and invisible causing disagreements with neighbors over the exact point of division

Nevertheless selecting the best building material to use for your durawall is easy. We know quite a number of reasons for encouraging you to use bricks instead of any other material.

Why bricks are the best building material for durawalls


Bricks will last forever on the walls, more than 30 years,no other building material can compare to this. To be sure check how many brick durawalls you see in your vicinity and surrounding towns.

Plastering and splashing

Walls made with bricks can be plastered and splashed according to your own specifications. In this case you can get the walls plainly plastered and smoothed. Splashing will leave the walls with a rough surface and beautiful look.


After all painting with any desired colors after plastering is another way of adding up beauty on the brick walls.

Vanishing / Polishing

Henceforth vanishing is applicable on the brick walls to give them a shiny look. Bricks are just the best building materials for your security walls.

Materials needed for durawall construction

Bricks do not work alone on walls, there are few more materials that work hand in hand with them.

To begin with the major bonding one, cement. In brief cement works as the bonding material in a mixture with pitsand on brickwork. Next use is concreting in a mixture with quarry stones and riversand.

Here is a list of the required building materials for durawalls





Quarry stones



Construction Process

Start with making sure your boundary peg lining is clear. Pegs should meet from end to end clearly. Use a fish line to set up the durawall trench width and length. Mark straight lines below the fish line for trenching and excavation guiding. Remove the fish lining after marking and begin trenching and excavating.

When done with trenching, mix cement with riversand and quarry stones. Add water and pour into the open foundation trenches and leave it to dry up.

The concrete should be dry enough between one to seven days depending on weather conditions. Proceed to main wall brickwork, mix pitsand with cement and water for an appropriate mortar mixture.

Build it up to ground height with brickforce after every 2 courses. Once ground height reached place DPC on top of the wall and proceed with brickwork to required height.

Since the wall will be up to your desired height, it will now be up to you whether to splash, plaster or vanish.

When you require help concerning building supplies to start building your durawall call or whatsapp us anytime.

What ever masonry building material you need for your construction project we have it.

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