borrowdale building supplies quarry dust stones crusher run

Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers brings you the possibilities of ordering building supplies by location, this is for you if you are planning on building and renovating  in Borrowdale, Harare. Borrowdale consists West, Helensvale, Borrowdale Brooke, Crowhill Views to the North and Pomona. We make the ordering of  building materials like pitsand, riversand, gravel, bricks et cetera easy, with our call to order service.

borrowdale building supplies quarry dust stones crusher run

Machine compressed standard common Bricks cost $100 per 1000 bricks (for all  building construction purposes)

Hand compressed semi commons cost $65 per 1000 bricks(recommended for use on durawalls and cottages)

Interlocking pavers bricks cost $208 per 1000 bricks (for driveways)

Pitsand costs $13 per cubic (for masonry and plastering works)

Riversand costs $17 per cubic (for masonry and concrete)

3/4 stones $30 per cubic (for concrete works)

Hill Gravel $15 per cubic (for road surfacing and back filling)

More about our building supplies

Our machine compressed common bricks are very useful whenever you are doing building construction activities. In as much as you need a product that will last forever on any structure, these are the bricks you need. Even when you want to use them outside of harare, we facilitate transportation to ensure you get your full order all in all as ordered.

Generally speaking about paving bricks, they are strong and you get to decide on where to use them. As one of the building materials we believe in we obviously encourage you to purchase and use on residential and commercial properties without any problems. Moreover you do not necessarily need an expert to lay these bricks on ground as they automatically fit in. Their shape is determined to fit on each other.

In conclusion when you get on the stages of construction where you need concrete, our riversand and 3/4 quarry stones work like besides being less costly.

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Maybe you need some experts to manage your construction projects, here we offer construction projects management

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From our sources to any part of borrowdale specifically, helensvale, west, borrowdale brooke, crowhill views, pomona and surrounding areas, deliveries take only 2 hours.

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