How to construct a new drivway

Driveways are beautiful and attractive when installed correctly and professionally. They last for over 10 years on average depending on how busy the site is and the way they are construct. A driveway is always the best way to keep your yard clean from dirt. We recommend you hire  some driveway professionals to do the whole paving work for you unless if you want to do it yourself. Nevertheless the process of constructing a new driveway is generally almost the same, whether using clay paver bricks, concrete interlocking pavers, pre-mix concrete, gravel or any other materials you might think of using. Its not really hard to do as being is able to install it from start to finish by following these steps below:

construction guide harare

Materials needed

  1. Interlocking pavers/clay pavers
  2. Quarry dust/Washed riversand
  3. Pitsand
  4. Cement
  5. Concrete
  6. Weed killer

Steps to construct a new driveway

  1. Remove the grass: It’s best to install the pavers on a level surface, so use a sod cutter to lift and remove the grass and roots.
  2. Level the dirt: Use a rake to level the newly exposed dirt. Remove any particularly large clumps.
  3. Lay out the edging: Mark the borders around the driveway area.
  4. Compact the gound surface: Hire a plate compactor to compact the ground or use a hand rammer.
  5. Apply weed killer: Spray the weed killing chemicals all over the area you need to lay the pavers.
  6. Pour the quarry dust or washed riversand: Cover the patio area with quarry dust or washed riversand, using the steel hand tamper to create a level surface.
  7. Compact the quarry dust again: Re-compact the quarry dust or washed riversand for the last time before installing the bricks
  8. Install the pavers: Put the pavers into place according to the design you’ve planned. Use a rubber mallet to tap them into position. If the design calls for any oddly shaped pavers, use the wet masonry saw to cut them to size.
  9. Lock the edges: Dig one course below ground level and construct a boundary wall so that the installed pavers will not move.
  10. Fill the joints: Spread sand/dust across the patio surface, using a broom to push the sand/dust into gaps between the pavers.
  11. Seal the patio: To make the patio more weather resistant, spray the finished patio with a masonry sealer.

Thats it!

You now have your very own driveway. Use the same steps to construct a new driveway whenever you need to.

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