Costs cut by 40% on your construction project


Costs cut by 40% on your construction project

You are granted that you cut costs and save 40 percent or even more on your construction projects with Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers. Of course with us you save each and every cent that you were going to waste. Moreover our building materials costing is way below the standard market prices.


Save on building materials costs

  1. Standard price for solid common bricks is $140, with Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers you get them for less
  2. Pitsand standard price is $18 and you can get it from us for $13 with free transportation
  3. Riversand standard price is $24 per cubic and ZBMS has it for its clients at $17 with free transportation
  4. Hill gravel costs $20 per cubic, ZBMS supplies for $15 per cubic, also we don’t charge you for transportation.
  5.  Again washed riversand costs $30 per cubic, we have it for $20 per cubic

Save on transportation

  1. Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers only charges you for transporting bricks and quarry products. All other aggregates and other materials needed on your brickwork stages are delivered completely free of charge.
  2. As matter of fact there is no need to drive to our offices, unless you need samples, everything can be done on call.
  3. Additionally you can request for quotations on our email address provided below, pay via transfers and your order is processed on same day basis. Uniquely aggregates are delivered within 2 hours

Save time – One stop building supplies

Instead of having to drive from point A to B to source other materials, we serve you all the trouble. We sell and supply all other building and roofing materials required on your construction project. See some of the currently available building materials prices

From ZBMS you get all the building supplies including, pitsand, riversand, cement, 3/4 stones, gravel, quarry dust, crusher run, solid common bricks, semi common bricks, face bricks, brickforce, dpc, polythene plastic, pc15, lafarge & ppc cement etc.

Above all its only those who have dealt with us that can confirm our pricing authenticity. Furthermore you can save to almost 50% on your project if you buy all from us. Visit our sales offices for house plansbill of quantities and for other assistance you may require regarding your construction project.

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