Construction bill of quantity – quantity surveying

Construction Bill of quantity – quantity surveying in Zimbabwe

Construction Bill of quantity

Do you know how many materials are required on your project to be complete?If no, You are very fortunate to be reading this post about our bill of quantity services, email/app us your house plan.

We will list all the bricks, cement, riversand, 3/4 stones, pitsand, brickforce, dpc etc. The materials will be listed in stage form. We can work out a construction bill of quantity for any project.Email/Call us on the provided contacts below

With us you are guaranteed to get the best services, time and money saving!!!

Solid Common bricks $100 per 1000
Semi Common bricks $100 per 1000 (delivered)
Brickforce $1.20 per roll (with free delivery)
3/4 stones $32 per cubic
Pitsand $65 per 5 cubic (delivered)
Riversand $85 per 5 cubic (delivered)
Call/App Now: +263778767374, +263716782260

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