Complete guide to buying in Zimbabwe

guide to buying building materials in zimbabwe

Today, tomorrow, next year or at some given time in your life, you will have the need for buying building materials. Just like buying clothes, cars, jewelery and other fashion accessories, there are important factors we need to look at before pulling out the dollar note. In this guide we are pleased to indicate some if not all of the things you need to consider. So, brace up and pay close attention to the details to follow as they will definitely guide you on your construction project. Without wasting time lets start the breakdown.

Below we list the list of things you need and the what to look out for.

  • Bill of Quantities: What you need first is a schedule of building materials as known as bill of quantities. This guides you with regards to volume numbers per every  product  you want. A schedule comes with all types of supplies required on your construction project including the quantities. It also goes in depth naming the exact name of product for every specific stage. This document is available from your architect or civil engineer at a fee or for free depending on their terms of services. Its actually compiled in respect of your house plans, if its a house that you are working on. If its a driveway, your paving contractor is able to calculate and list the supplies for you.
  • Compile quotations : Now that you have got your schedule of materials, you need to gather quotations. This is the one of the most daunting stages as you have to drive around sourcing quotes from various suppliers. Though a bit tough and time consuming, this is beneficial in the long as you have the chance to compare market prices.
  • Price Comparison : After compiling your quotations, lay them and start taking note of the price differences. Every building material supplier has a set price depending on their pricing structures. The rates are rarely the same when comparing from one distributor to the other. For instance, 38 by 38 brandering roofing timber will be costing $3 from the first retailer, then $4 from the other, then $3.50 from the third one.
  • Product Availability : When satisfied about who to buy from, check products availability. Some retailers may provide the best quotes but with no stock on site. As a customer you have a right to call and ask if stock is available before placing an order. This is important before making payments. Some products like interlocking pavers bricks take some time and are manufactured as per order. This however varies from supplier to supplier.
  • Quality Check : Among what is important in the guide to buying building materials in Zimbabwe, quality check. Quality plays a vital role in the construction sector. No mater how cheap reinforcement steel may be, no one wants to buy rusted and corroded bars. Even for the precast concrete products like pipes, nobody wants something that breaks on its own before actual use. So we highly advise that you inspect the products you want to buy if they have been made up to standard. Where there is need for cement during the manufacturing process, check if there is enough.
  • Delivery times or Turn around Period : This is usually an issue with a lot of suppliers. Check on their delivery times before committing yourself and see if you are comfortable with their delivery conditions. Depending on products, some wooden cabins suppliers need about 7 days to assemble and supply. Whilst seven days for some, there are also some who need only some few hours to deliver. So this also varies with service providers.
  • Risk Assessment : Finally when all notes have been taken heed of. Check to see if there is any legitimacy, with regards to prices and reputation. There are higher chances of getting duped when buying building materials in Zimbabwe. That is one other major reason why you need to buy from reputed and well known suppliers like ZBMS with innumerable trade references. References are available from previous clients including, Government, Corporates, Schools and Individuals.

Final Words

Like on every thing that you spent your money on, even food. Follow your heart and buy from where you feel right. Also do not forget that the mind needs to assess and consider whats best on our choices. Avoid regrets on your upcoming project by buying safely from known and experienced suppliers. Do not risk or try luck on new comers and dealers no one knows except you.

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