House and Commercial Building Plans Zimbabwe

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Building plans

It all starts with architectural expertise and building plans to have any beautiful structure constructed.

When you think of starting to build, a lot of visions of how you want your house to look like start popping up, imagining how will the kitchens, bedrooms, lounge, dining et cetera be set up.


At times all that can be shunned if you don’t approach the right architects and you could end up having a house that is only beautiful to you and no one else.

What if you want to build something exactly the same way you visioned and even better spiced with expertise and modern designs?


That’s when our architects step in to make your dreams come true.

We offer modernized designs to meet your expectations, our building plans speak very well for themselves, you just cant stand falling for them because no one else can do them the way we do.

Our architects have great knowledge on the designing of house plans and we are standing out in the whole of Zimbabwe, from Mutare, Harare to Bulawayo.


3D designs are available and we offer services at the best prices and when you build with us, your project will cost half your budget to complete because we know how to economize for great quality.


The cost of building your house in Zimbabwe will actually be determined by how your house drawings have been designed and where you are buying your materials, if not Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers the leading supplier of building materials at unbeatable rates.


High density house plans designing start from as low as US$80, US$100, US$120 to US$200. Medium density and low density plans start from US$150 to US$500. All our plans are modern house plans.


We are very experienced that even if you see a house design from South Africa, United Kingdom, China or wherever and take a snap, we are able to copy any plan design and enhance it as professionals.


Our plans are very beautiful and we take less than a day to design anything as we have vast knowledge of the Harare City council plan drawing requirements for each and every town.


With us you can build cottages, main houses, single storeys, double storeys, commercial properties and any other structures as per your desire and we have a lot of beautiful pictures and free sample plans.

Call or whatsapp us today and get your own plan and start building +263778767374

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