Waterproofing Membranes

Buy good quality water tight materials manufactured with your house in mind. Quality black polythene plastic as known as black sheeting available in shop with different microns or thickness and damp proof course waterproofing membranes. These waterproofing membranes wont let water to filter through thereby protecting your house or any building structure. We have both for slab concrete and walls. DPC roll is also great for stopping any moisture and damp from rising up the walls. You can also use all these products in our list below on decks, balconies, patios, foundations, shower bases and washing rooms.

Black polythene plastic sheet is usually for use on slab after box brickwork and before concreting. We offer same day delivery services for all the products below. Zimbabwe Building Materials Suppliers is your one stop shop and supplier of damp proof supplies. Place your order today for same day delivery, no need to wait for more days.

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