Masonry reinforcement

Reinforce your brick walls with brickforce 115mm & 230mm for stronger walls.  Brick force is the best masonry reinforcement material in modern day era. Many buildings with brick force last for many years with less need for maintanance. Morever it ties the walls together thereby enhancing their durabilty and stability. Masonry reinforcement also helps with resisting wind forces. These rolls are the best for structural applications as they are of flat wire which easily fits into mortar. Aka bed joints. They are also easy to install hence wont delay the bricklayer. The wires are so flexible and can be folded, even on structure corners.

Brickforce comes in different sizes of rolls and widths. Some are 20m lengths while some are 15m lengths. However there are also custom made sizes where each roll may exceed 20m. The most common widths in Zimbabwe is 115mm and 230mm. There is also 345mm rolls but contractors rarely use them, as we have few building structures that require such sizes. Buy yours online today and claim a discount on bulk quantities. Also note that it comes with free delivery!

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